Sunday, 29 December 2019

I Owe You One...Not the usual Sophie Kinsella that I love

Title: I Owe You One
Author: Sophie Kinsella
ISBN: 978-1784163570
Rating: 6/10
Genre: Chick Flick, Romance, Fiction
Type: Audiobook

"I learnt that failure doesn't mean you are a failure; it just means you're a human being...But what can you do about mistakes except thinking, Won't do that again, and move forward?... The trouble with me is, I can't let things go."

Sunday, 8 December 2019

The Hunger Games Mockingjay...Finally finished the series

Title: Hunger Games Mockingjay
Author: Suzanne Collins
ISBN: 978-1-407132-10-5
Rating: 6/10
Series Rating: 8/10 (first time seen on this blog)
Genre: Thriller, Young Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Drama
Type: Paperback

“I stare down at my shoes, watching as a fine layer of ash settles on the worn leather. This is where the bed I shared with my sister, Prim, stood. Over there was the kitchen table. The bricks of the chimney, which collapsed in a charred heap, provide a point of reference for the rest of the house. How else could I orient myself in this sea of grey?”