Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Hooked on the Game...Easy read but not worth reading again

Title: Hooked on the Game - Book 1 of The Sterling Shore Series
Author: C. M. Owens
ISBN: 978-1-502-80085-5
Rating: 3/10
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Book: Kindle

"In my opinion, no saint goes without sinning, and no sinner goes without having some saintly qualities. You can judge one for their mistakes, or you can love them for the flaws they try to correct. I choose to love my father. That might make me stupid, but I'd prefer to be called stupid instead of cold. You only live once.
'I had a house once, with my father. It was nice. We were happy. But we lost it later on.'
'Did he leave you and your mom?'
I wish I could just tell him.
'Yes and no. He left because he had to; not because he wanted to. It's a long story I don't want to delve into tonight."

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Tattooist of Auschwitz...We need to know about this

Title: The Tattooist of Auschwitz
Author: Heather Morris
ISBN: 978-1-785-76364-9
Rating: 7/10
Genre: WWII, Nazi, Jewish, War, Thriller, Fact, True Story
Book: Kindle

"As the girls enter the women's camp, Dana and Ivana rush to Gita. 'Are you all right? Where did they take you? Why did they take you?' Dana demands, fear and relief on her face.
'I'm okay. They took me to work in the administration office.'
'How...?' Ivana asks.
'Lale. I think he somehow arranged it.'
'But you're alright. They didn't hurt you?'
'I'm fine. This is Cilka. I'm working with her.'
Dana and Ivana greet Cilka with a hug. Gita smiles, happy that he friends are so immediately accepting of another girl in their midst. All afternoon she had worried how they would react to her now working in relative comfort, without having to deal with the cold or any physical effort. She could hardly blame them if they were jealous of her new role and felt she was no longer one of them.
'I'd better go to my block,' says Cilka. 'I'll see you tomorrow, Gita.'
Cilka walks off and Ivana watches her go. 'Gosh, she's pretty. Even dressed in rags she's beautiful.
'Yes, she is. She's been throwing me little smiles all day, just enough to reassure me. Her beauty goes beyond the surface.'
Cilka turns back and smiles at the three of them. Then, with one hand, she removes the scarf from her head and waves it to them, revealing long dark hair cascading down her back. She moves with the grace of a swan, a young woman unaware of her own beauty and seemingly untouched by the horror around her.
'You must ask her how she has kept her hair,' Ivana says, scratching absently at her own headscarf.
Gita pulls her own scarf from her head and runs her hand over her short spiky stubble, knowing all too well that it will soon be removed again, shaved back to her scalp. Her smile disappears briefly. Then she replaces her scarf, links arms with Dana and Ivana and they walk towards the meal cart."

Friday, 6 July 2018

Wonder...A tear jerker

Title: Wonder
Author: R. J. Palacio
ISBN: 978-0-552-57695-6
Rating: 7/10
Genre: Adolescent, Disability, Young Adult
Book: Paperback 

"Mom knocked on my door after dinner. She looked drained, and I realized that between me and Auggie, today had been a tough day for her, too.
'So you want to tell me what's up?' she asked nicely, soft.
'Not now, okay?' I answered. I was reading. I was tired. Maybe later I'd be up to telling her about Miranda, but not now.
'I'll check in before you go to bed,' she said, and then she came over and kissed me on the top of my head.
'Can Daisy sleep with me tonight?'
'Sure, I'll bring her in later.'
'Don't forget to come back,' I said as she left.
'I promise.'
But she didn't come back that night. Dad did. He told me Auggie had had a bad first day and Mom was helping him through it."