Monday, 13 July 2015

Kitty Hawk and the Mystery of the Masterpieces...What comes next?

Title: Kitty Hawk and the Mystery of the Masterpieces
Author: Iain Reading
ISBN: 978-1508488866
Rating: 8/10
Genre: Young adult, action, adventure, mystery

"'True,' Marieke said, nodding absently. 'But to be honest, I'm far more curious to find out how these other two paintings ended up here.'
Marieke reached out and pointed toward a pair of paintings that were hanging off in the corner on the opposite of the fireplace.
'What do you mean?' Vega asked, turning her head to look at what she was gesturing to.
'Well, in light of the fact that this Van Gogh over here is almost surely authentic,' Marieke replied, 'then I can only assume that the Monet and Pissaro hanging right over there are authentic as well.'"