Monday, 11 September 2017

Lessons from a CF Cornerman...Wow

Title: Lessons from a CF Cornerman: 38 Lessons I Learned During My Wife's Illness and Lung Transplant
Author: Raymond L. Poole
ISBN: 978-0692792100
Rating: 8/10
Genre: Health, Illness, Non-Fiction, True
Book: Kindle

"The fact that we got along so well made me worry that she was the one. Early on, I had to make the call whether or not I should go through with a relationship that if successful, could end in heartbreak too soon...If we let emotion overtake us and respond with our baser instincts, we can easily be left wrestling with guilt and regret. At the end of the day, we sit alone with our thoughts and memories. I want mine to be saturated with little victories, tons of laughs, and enough bright spots to outshine the dark."

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Woman in not trust anyone!

Title: The Woman in White
Author: Wilkie Collins
ISBN: 978-0141192420
Rating: 7/10
Genre: 19th Century, Mystery, Sensation Novel
Book: Hardback, Penguin Classic Clothbound

"The instant my eyes rested on her, I was struck by the rare beauty of her form, and by the unaffected grace of her attitude. Her figure was tall, yet not too tall; comely and well-developed, yet not fat; her head set on her shoulders with an easy, pliant firmness; her waist, perfection in the eyes of a man, for it occupied its natural place, it filled out its natural circle, it was visibly and delightfully undeformed by stays. She had not heard my entrance into the room; and I allowed myself the luxury of admiring her for a few moments, before I moved one of the chairs near me, as the least embarrassing means of attracting her attention. She turned towards me immediately as she began to advance from the far end of the room, set me in a flutter of expectation to see her face clearly. She left the window - and I said to myself, The lady is young. She approached nearer - and I said to myself (with a sense of surprise which words fail me to express), The lady is ugly!"