Friday, 9 June 2017

Breakfast in Bed...Really Amber? Come on!

Title: Breakfast in Bed
Author: Eleanor Moran
ISBN: 9780751545494
Rating: 6/10
Genre: Romance, Chick lit, Fiction, Comedy
Book: Audiobook

Guys I am back on the audiobook band wagon! I am so glad I have decided to come back to audiobooks to listen too. I decided to take a small break from them after I read Love Hunt by Fiona Walker (just don't), I thought I was perhaps choosing the wrong books. I now don't think I was choosing the wrong books, I just think Love Hunt wasn't very good!

I can easily say my favourite quote from this book is very near the end of the story, "Milly is a great girl you know Amber!" Oscar defended her, hurt. "I know, Oscar. She is my best friend!" I love that someone has tried to convince Amber that her best friend is a really nice person. Erm...yeah, she is my best friend! Just the justification that Oscar thinks he can even attempt to explain what type of person Milly is.