Saturday, 29 September 2018

365 Days of Happiness...Such a pick me up

Title: 365 Days of Happiness
Author: Jacqueline Pirtle
ISBN: 9781732085107
Rating: 7/10
Genre: Happiness, lessons, quotes, self-help
Type: Paperback

"Day 111
You are a shiner! Shiners are people that shine their light bright no matter what is happening for them! I can spot them easily, because they are always striving to be and live as a happier being. They always share their bright light with everyone and everything around them. They light up the world!"

I received this book from Kelsey Butts from Book Publicity Services in exchange for a review. The author Jacqueline Pirtle had kindly sent a copy for me. It is a completely different book to the usual book I would read. I know I say that often but that is what I love about my blog, I am reading things I never normally would. This book was honest, inspiring, thought-provoking and it made me wants to
read. I found I was wanting to read different days which would inspire my happiness.

Overall, I feel I am quite an upbeat and happy person. However, I feel everyone can do with more happiness in their life. We can all benefit from more cheery, happy sayings which can be passed amongst people you know. I personally thought of a colleague. I knew this book was absolutely her. In her office, she has quotes and sayings to keep the students upbeat and positive and I would absolutely see her loving this.

There were a number of quotes which I found particularly poignant. These include Day 9, "You matter!! You are an important part of this physical life and time. Without you, a lot of things and happenings, would not be. They would be missing, and make this physical life and time incomplete.  But there is more...Everything you do and are matters because everything is energy, connected, and shares their energy. So you being happy and feeling good matters infinitely because you share your happiness with everything and everyone..." This particular day I found struck a chord with me. I feel I needed something that day to pick me up. This book was the absolute perfect book to pick up when you have had a hard day or feel particularly low.

I started reading this book on a return train journey from London. Two and a half hours on a train from Kings Cross back to the beautiful North reading this book was definitely the end to a great trip away that I needed. Once I returned home I was reading a run of days in one sitting, about 10-15 daily quotes per day. I was finding myself thinking about what I had read and how I could bring the quotes into my everyday life.

I have a friend who has had a difficult time recently and I feel this book would be the absolute pick me up she would need. She would be able to find inspiration from a variety of quotes which she could then try and apply to her everyday living and see her life becoming more upbeat and optimistic.

I would definitely recommend this book to others and I would personally see it as a self-help book. It was a book which could influence you, to inspire you to remain positive when things don't appear so.

Rating: 7/10
10-Word-Review: A definite pick me up, a way to live life.

Since completing 365 Days of Happiness I have also completed In the Name of Love by Katie Price. I know some of you will not see this as your regular reader but it is something I have owned for a long time. I needed to get it off my bookshelf and in order to do that I had to read it. I am in the process of writing the review and will be publishing it shortly.

I have also now started Frank Skinner's autobiography. This is the first time I have read an autobiography whilst writing this blog so will be my first review of one. Which I personally think is rather exciting.

I have had nearly a full month back at work after the summer holidays and I am just as tired as when I broke up for the summer. The house is finally clean again though and I have brought out the slow cooker again. Winter is coming...Steph xx

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