Monday, 8 October 2018

In the Name of Love...Just retelling her story

Title: In the Name of Love
Author: Katie Price
ISBN: 978-1-846-05961-2
Rating: 4/10
Genre: Adolescent, Romance, Love, Holiday, Teenager
Type: Hardback

"Charlie didn't have a chance to pursue this conversation as the doorbell rang then. It was Aidan, who had called round in a taxi to collect her. Zoe answered the door while Charlie grabbed her bag - a red satin clutch to match her dress - and a black feather bolero. Charlie grimaced as she draped the feathers round her shoulders. It was barely above freezing outside and there was no way this flimsy bolero was going to keep her warm. She'd have to smuggle her black leather jacket out of the flat, away from Zoe, aka the Style Police. But just as she was walking out of the flat, Zoe caught her redhanded and confiscated the jacket."

I have owned this book for a number of years, possibly since I was a teenager. My mum used to buy me the new Katie Price fiction book for my birthday. My birthday is in August so I used to take a Katie Price book with me on most holidays. I used to really enjoy the books, they were easy reads, they were informative and they kept me engaged. The fiction books were how I found myself passing my time sitting on a beach at the age of fifteen.

I was always aware that Katie Price uses a ghostwriter to write her books. I feel I need to mention the ghostwriter. In the case of In the Name of Love, the ghostwriter is Rebecca Farnworth. Rebecca Farnworth started writing for Katie Price since her autobiography, "Being Jordan" was released in 2005 and continued writing for the glamour model until Rebecca's death at the age of 49 in 2014. Until tonight I was not aware that Rebecca had died and I want to thank her for making my holiday reading more enjoyable when I had completed exams and the stresses of being a teenager I always enjoyed her books and feel she is owed the credit for writing the books.

Saying that though, this is the first time I have read a Katie Price book since I was about seventeen. I did definitely go through a phase of buying the books and reading them very quickly, especially when my friend at the time became very interested in her autobiographies. However, when reading one of them as an adult I was able to see the quality of the story. I had to keep reminding myself that these stories are designed to be an easy read and they are designed for adolescents who are just starting to introduce themselves to romance. I don't know whether they are not proofread before publishing or whether they were just repeatedly missed but there were so many errors in the published book. These include spelling mistakes, lack of punctuation and at one point a complete mix up in characters. They were talking about an ex-girlfriend of one of the main characters Felipe and then just replaced her name with the name of another character for approximately a paragraph.

However, though all of this, the book did keep me interested. It was easy to follow and the characters were easy to understand. After reading, in my opinion, a quite intense book prior, I needed something which was simple on the brain. I needed a book which I wasn't going to have to think about, I remembered how much I had enjoyed Katie Price's books and wanted to go back to that.

We pick the story up with Charlie, a sports journalist, on her way on holiday with her best friend Zoe. Charlie has recently gone through a difficult break up due to her ex, cheating on her and Zoe's boyfriend forgot Zoe's birthday so decided to treat her and a friend to an all expense paid holiday to Barbados. Yes, please! Whilst on this holiday Charlie meets Felipe. A Spanish, handsome, muscular Olympic horserider who is rude to anyone he doesn't think is worthy of his time, like the waiter who he walks into and screams at. Charlie points out how unnecessary it is to be rude to people and Felipe is transfixed from there.

The characters are easy to follow, and minus the one part where the characters are mixed up with each other, they are easy to remember. Charlie is a strong, independent character with a fear she does not want to challenge and Felipe is a broody, mysterious Spaniard. Both characters have strong friendships with others and like to have their help to make decisions, but both have a past and secrets which they do not want to reveal to the other. Through ups and downs, lies and secrets will Charlie and Felipe admit their feelings for each other?

Although I have read a number of Katie Price's books I do feel they are all very similar. They are all about finding fame and fortune, falling in love, being screwed over in the process and then realising their dream. This book did not really deviate from this and I always feel the books are very similar to the life that Katie Price wants to live. She wants to portray a character who has found her fame and fortune off her own back and is now fighting to keep herself in the public eye, no matter what that takes. We all know Ms Price has done some...interesting...things to keep herself topical.

I feel I need to say that if I were to recommend this book then I would be recommending it to an older teenager. It has love, passion, anger and a wide range of other emotions to go through which, as a teenager, I loved. I definitely felt more grown up when I was reading these books, even if I didn't act it. However, from an adult perspective, I wouldn't bother. I have read them because I owned them. Katie Price books are definitely not going to change the world and they aren't even proofread very well. So just be aware. Sorry, Katie.

Rating: 4/10
10-Word-Review: Fifteen year old me loved them, grownup me...definitely not!

I have continued on to read Frank Skinner's autobiography. I had high hopes for it as this is
something else which I have owned since I was a teenager. I am now finally reading it and will be sharing my review in due course.

There are three weeks left until half term. Dark nights have arrived and we are due to change the clocks. Winter is definitely here, which means...Netflix binge-watching, so many new series available of the things we binge! Yey for winter...Steph xx

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