Sunday, 15 November 2015

TBR Jar - I will organise my books!

I have been inspired by a range of photos I have seen on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram which use jars to provide ideas and thoughts. Date night jars, wedding planning suggestions, baby names amongst loads of others. So here is my jar. The TBR Jar is my way to finally go through the books I have "to be read" and to ensure I am not missing any books which I have on my bookshelf and have not read.

I am too ashamed to admit how many books are on my bookshelf, even if you looked at my Goodreads account you will see my worst kept secret of how many books I have left to read. I hope this jar will help me to get through my books quicker and easier as one of the hardest things I have to decide is trying to decide which book to read next.

I have been sent some books from authors to review, these books will have to be the books which I read first, so these won't be included in the jar as they will be the next books I read. The remaining books, however, will be going in.

To make a TBR Jar is simple! Write all of your loved but unread books onto brightly coloured paper and fold them up and place them into a suitably sized jar, I am going to write the title and the author on each label. I may need to find a bigger jar! 

I will be going off my list on Goodreads, of all the books which I have to read, plus more will be added after Christmas because it's just common sense that I will be getting books for Christmas!

Once you have created your book labels, place them into the jar and fish one out randomly each time you finish a read.

Let's give it a try and see what we get.

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