Monday, 2 January 2017

Crazy in Love...What an absolute idiot, Birdie

Title: Crazy in Love
Author: Chrissie Manby
ISBN: 9780340937044
Rating: 7/10
Genre: Romance, Thriller, Fiction, Woman
Book Format: Audiobook

I have really taken to listening to audiobooks in the car. I find they pass the time really well. What would normally be a boring and dull journey can now be interesting and quick. I love that I can put the CD in and just drift off into the world of a book, still concentrating on the driving of course!

The book opened with the high pitched, kind of winey voice, of Birdie Sederburg, which was read by Jennifer Woodward who did a very good job of changing and making her voice versatile for all the different characters. Birdie starts talking about how she and Dean first met, "I literally bumped into him". Birdie is the definition of the stereotypical "Oh My God!" American spoilt brat. She is what in Britain would be called an It Girl. She is the heiress of a multi-billion dollar golf franchise.

Julius Sederburg was the rich and wealthy creator of the Sederburg golf resorts. He had worked from a very young age to build up his business and had taken pride in his achievements. However, through this success, he had also raised a very self-centred and ignorant granddaughter, who does not have any consideration of appreciation for anyone or anything that does not affect her little bubble of a world. Nate is an eco-warrior who wants to do the right thing for the environment and its inhabitants. He decides to do this by interrupting the breaking soil ceremony at the latest golf resort. Julius slams Nate's opinion and has him removed from the scene. Nate decides to make his voice heard more he is going to work for Birdie to see if his environment campaign can be heard.

The book is quite slow to start with and it takes a number of chapters for something to actually happen. Birdie decides to create her own plan in order to win Dean's heart once and for all. I know this is the intention of the author and it completely worked, but what an absolute and utter idiot Birdie is. She creates a ridiculous plan to achieve Dean and she goes about the most idiotic way about it. The whole time I was listening to the story I couldn't quite believe that Birdie had taken on this choice and was continuing to develop her plan. She had incorporated the help of her assistant and her best friend. They were going along with the plan, trying to make her aware of how dangerous and stupid she was.

The plan is in place to win back Dean, however, all goes wrong. I did get a little confused as to what had exactly happened at the fashion show which Birdie attends. There was a lot of commotion and a lot of disruption at the fashion show that I was unsure about what had happened. It took me a number of chapters to decide who had done what exactly and why. This was soon clarified and Birdie suddenly became aware of what a stupid and naive mistake she had made.

A range of common sense and some actual thought on how to recover from the disastrous situation Birdie finds herself in, Birdie is able to start to recover and find her way back to normal life. There is the question of whether her philosophy and perspective on life have been changed thanks to her decisions? Birdie does realise what she wants in life, who she wants and how she is going to get that. The first person she needs to deal with is Grandaddy, Julius Sederburg!

I had read a number of other reviews about this book and they had not been positive. However, I did enjoy the book once it had started to pick up pace. Approximately, the first 25 chapters are very mundane and similar. A lot of talk about the high life and what the life of a bimbo heiress is like. The action and interesting part of the book could have happened a lot earlier. I was surprised though with the outcome of the story. When it was made clear why Birdie ended up in the situation she did, that was unexpected. 

Overall I probably wouldn't recommend this book to another but I did enjoy it, eventually. The author does portray the character of Birdie and Julius well but they are both characters which didn't need as much dialogue and description. There could have been a lot less than the 64 chapters which were in the story.

I am currently still reading The Hunger Games and I have also just taken out Love Hunt by Fiona Walker as my new audiobook for journeys in the car. I am really enjoying The Hunger Games and I have high hopes for Love Hunt based on the reviews online. I hope you have all had a great New Year and you have a prosperous and positive 2017. I will be sharing a post shortly about the books which I have been given and bought over Christmas. I was fortunate enough to receive some gorgeous books from my other half. They really are lovely! I will also be sharing a post about the books which I received in the Book Exchange I was part of on Facebook.

I hope you are enjoying whatever you're currently reading and good luck with the year...Steph xx

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