Monday, 1 May 2017

Book Exchange...Such a good experience

A friend of mine shared a post, months ago about a book exchange programme. I immediately thought what an absolutely brilliant idea. You choose your favourite book and contact the original poster, they then send you an address of a previous person and you send that book to that person, you then post the original status yourself and send your address to people, they then send you books. The more people who get in touch the more books you will receive.

I am part of a number of books groups, social groups, local community groups all on Facebook. I decided to post my status on these groups and was inundated with replies from people interested in carrying out the book exchange. The majority of people were very positive and were wanting to be involved in the book exchange. However, some people were so negative and gloomy about the prospect of receiving free books. People were claiming this was a scam and people were being ripped off from people online who were using the scheme as a way to get things from people. Firstly, how is that possible? How is it possible that someone can gain anything from telling people about a book exchange? The only reason it wouldn't work is because someone has not done what they said they would. They have either not sent your information on correctly or they have not sent a book in the first place. Nothing to do with people trying to add into a scheme!

The book which I sent out was an absolute belter in my opinion! I read and sent I Can See You by Karen Rose. I absolutely loved it! It is about an online chatroom where each person creates their own avatar. You then use this avatar to work your way through the chatroom and talk to people all around the world. However, someone within the chatroom decides that your avatar is not allowed in the system. Whether this is that they don't like you, whether this is that they feel you are not a worthy person. Whatever the reason, this person feels they have the right to remove characters both from the game and from life. They kill your character within the game, which should not be allowed due to the games software, and then come and find you in real life. The police have to then work out who this psychopath is before he reaches the characters in real life.

So I was absolutely thrilled to prove these people wrong by receiving my first book from the book exchange. The first book I received was The Secret History by Donna Tartt. This book was received in the post and I was happy to receive it, I have absolutely no idea who it came from and I would love to hear from whoever it came from! The book is about a group of students at a New England College who have found a way of living which is a world away from the existence of their fellow students. It is only when they break through the boundaries of normal life they find their lives are changed profoundly and forever. 
I look forward to reading this book and I wonder what this book will bring. I am fascinated by the books which I have been sent because I would love to find out why these readers feel it is their favourite book. What makes them think these books are so amazing and needed to be shared?

The second book I received in the post was The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I received this book from my former teaching assistant when I was at primary school! Pearl Hewitt. She is a well-known voice actor. She has worked on everything from audiobooks to video games. She has worked
with a number of different companies including, Exxon and Mobil, Phillips, BP and American Express. She sent me this book with the express recommendation that it is one of her favourite books. I am massively confident about this book and I have huge hopes for it.
The story is about Milo going through a tollbooth in his bedroom to a magical land. Milo encounters a range of magical experiences. I am so looking forward to reading this book. Thank you, Mrs Hewitt!!

Thirdly, I was kindly sent Catch a Falling Star by Ken McCoy. I was sent this book by a kind lady who enclosed a letter to me. I loved reading this book as it gave me an insight into the thoughts and feelings of another reader. What makes them love this book. I wrote back to the kind lady and really hope she appreciated my reply. This is a story about a travelling family who performs for people who are wanting to see their show. Dove McKenna enjoys the life which travelling brings her until she starts to find out the opinions and thoughts of the people paying them. These people are happy to
pay for their entertainment but secretly dismiss them and think they are thieves.
I have never read a book about travellers. I am really looking forward to reading this book as I believe it will not only be a great read but educate me on the traveller lifestyle. I would like to find out more information and more truth and honesty about travellers and their lives.

The final book which I received from a kind stranger is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I am not going to lie. This is a very very big book! There are 1,168 pages in this book! I have read the blurb and I have read the reviews on Goodreads and I still do not fully understand what this book is about. I am going to try and read it but I just do not currently understand what the story is about. I do not know what the aim of the story is, who the main characters are, or even where the story/book is set. Is it a fiction book? Is it biographical? If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate someone to tell me, please. I mean just look at the size of it!

These are the four books which I received from my Book Exchange. If you were one of the people who got in touch with me to be involved I would love to hear from you and hear what your choice of book was! I am hoping to complete the book exchange again one day. Perhaps over the summer. I have a huge number of books still to read before I start buying or receiving more. I am going to read some more books before getting any more. 

For anyone who hasn't read my Goodreads page, I am currently on page 274 of approximately 625 pages of The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. I am really enjoying the book. I hope to complete
the book soon. I will keep my Goodreads page updated and please keep checking it to find out when the next book review will be posted. I will be posting in the meantime and I can only apologise for how long it has taken for me to post. I know it has been a number of weeks and I am sorry! 

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