Monday, 14 December 2015

Dark Sun, Bright Moon...Can't do it!

Title: Dark Sun, Bright Moon
Author: Oliver Sparrow
ISBN: 978-1500432010

Sorry about my lack of posting recently. I have just recently started a new job so it has been very busy here! I have started working in a primary school and I really do hope I will be able to post on here more often and regular. Especially as I have a fortnight off over Christmas! I have been reading Dark Sun, Bright Moon for about a month. However, no matter how much I have tried to read it over and over and I just can not get into it. 

This is a different blog and review to my usual reviews. I was sent this book earlier this year and in my honest opinion, I have been putting off reading it because I saw it had a glossary at the beginning of the book and I could not understand some of the definitions or the words used in the beginning of the book. 

I have read other reviews of this book online and I will admit they make the book sound very good. So I am sure I will try again to read this book, just at the moment, it is not the right time for me to read such an intense and confusing book. There are a number of topics and subjects which I do not understand. I am not sure if Dr. Sparrow is more intellectual than me and I am not sure whether the words are too advanced or complex for me, but I know with my current workload and my current interests and understanding it is a book which I did not currently enjoy. 

In the other reviews, I have read they explain to read the appendix first. According to reviews, this explains a number of the topics and the situation we find ourselves in at the beginning of the story. In hindsight I will read this part first, this will hopefully allow me to understand the story and engage with the book more.

I am sorry to anyone who was maybe looking forward to hearing about this review but just couldn't do it right now. However, I have been sent another book by an author I know personally. She has asked me to review her book over Christmas. The book is Spellbound by Laurie Elisabeth Ashcroft. I used to work with the author and I am incredibly impressed that she has written and published her own book. I am looking forward to reading this book. A string of murders have been happening in Armitage Black's hometown, can Armitage get the bottom of it? What is the real reason behind the deaths and who is causing the murders?

I am aiming to post more regular and more often, both on here, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please follow me and find out how I am getting on with the new job, the new book and enjoying my Christmas and New Year...Steph xx

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