Saturday, 6 February 2016

The first half term is nearly books to be read!

I can officially say I have nearly survived my first half term as a qualified teacher with my very own class. I have been in charge of 25 children who their parents have entrusted me with their education. They have all completed their work, I have developed great relationships with these children and I haven't shed a single tear...yet! Which for those who know me, know this is a huge achievement to not cry at the slightest thing!

I am still currently reading Spellbound by Laurie Elisabeth Ashcroft. I have really been enjoying this book. As you know this is a book by an author I used to work with. I am looking forward to finally reading the rest of the story over half term and finding out what happens to Ashcroft and King. What will happen?

I am so glad I have no plans for this half term other than catching up with friends, completing overlooked appointments and catching up on much needed sleep. I hope to complete my current book and to start my next book and FINALLY use my TBR Jar.

I have been recommended to read I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh. I have been told this book is a book which I will struggle to put down. This will definitely be going top of the to read list. I am also looking forward to buying a range of other books, including Find Her by Lisa Gardener, Salt to the Sea by Ruta Septys and the new to paperback from Nick Hornby, Funny Girl! Check them out!!

This week at school we were lucky enough to have a visit from the amazing Adam Bushnell, the author of a range of different children's books. He came into school to complete a creative writing course with the children. He worked with all of the children throughout the school from Early Years right up to Year 6. Everyone loved it. He even had staff joining in and using their own imaginations to create characters, story lines, descriptions and images of the whole school story we created. Thank you so much Adam, I look forward to seeing you again and hope we can create other stories and creative writing with you.

I look forward to writing future posts about all of these books and how things change and adapt in life. Watch this space!

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