Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Finally...a new book shop has arrived!

Evening all.

I have the utmost happiness to announce that after over 10 years, Yarm, my lovely little picturesque town which I live in, has its very own bookshop! The Waterstones bookshop opened on Saturday. It is located at the North end of Yarm High Street where the HSBC bank used to be. It is lovely!

It has been years since there was a bookshop in Yarm. Yarm is a quiet town in the North East of England. It is located in Stockton-on-Tees, NOT NORTH YORKSHIRE - like a number of people here like to think, and there are a large number of independent shops located on our picturesque High Street. There are a large number of restaurants which seem to be growing in number but the shops are slowly coming back and taking pride of place. If you have not yet visited Yarm because "the North East is all industry and full of smog and everyone wears flat caps and owns a whippet" or you just simply class Manchester as "North" - sorry, wrong on so many levels! Then please come and visit us, I promise you will visit and fall in love. Yes, I am biased, I am born and bred here, but just look at it...

There is a welcoming sign outside of the shop inviting people in who are walking along the high street with their dog and do not know where to leave them outside. The dogs are now welcome too! They are even offered a complimentary treat for being so well behaved and cute!

There are a number of different books, shelves, gifts and a fellow love for Harry Potter to explore in this new store you don't know where to look first.

There is a variety of different fiction and non-fiction categories to choose from. Including travel home, nature, history, cooking, local, art, children and many others.

They have a Harry Potter section, I just mean come on! Who wouldn't?

There is a gorgeous colouring in table for children to work at and create their own masterpieces which they can either take home with them or put up on show at the available art area. I thought this was a great idea, especially to use the small, appropriately sized table and chairs for the children to work at. This is located in the children's book section so children and parents can browse and colour in at the same time.

I personally love that there are cards for sale in the shop which are specially designed for people who live and are from Yarm. They say things like "Best Daughter in Yarm", Best Dad in Yarm", "Only the Best Mums come from Yarm" - love love love it!
There is an invite to the Roald Dahl party this weekend, Saturday 10th September. They have also kindly provided Booksellers advice on what they thought of the books they have for sale there.

This is a great new shop which has arrived in Yarm and I have already bought a selection of books from there. Waterstones in Yarm is comfy, welcoming, inviting and friendly staff. All members of staff were more than happy to help me when I needed assistance or was wanting some extra information about the Book Club they are trying to start. That's right! A BOOK CLUB! I know! I was very excited when I saw that sign behind the till. If anyone else is interested, just pop in and give them your information and they will be in touch shortly.

I also have to point out, how lovely and beautiful the little birds were on the window. I'm not entirely sure what type of birds they are, but I just thought they added a certain class and beauty to the shop window that is missing from the High Street.

You absolutely need to go and visit this bookshop. Stop ordering books off Amazon, stop downloading things on your Kindle, guilty myself of this, and go to a local bookshop and physically buy a book! You never know you might meet a lovely young pup in their to feed a treat too like I did when I was there. Well done Waterstones, welcome to Yarm!

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